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This past weekend I had the fun experience of being able to attend the Young Adult Literature Convention in London. Organized by Book Trust, a reading charity, the convention featured booths selling (and giving away!) books, author panels, author signings, workshops, and opportunities to meet and interact with literary agents. I went for all three days with my husband who, being an author, is also very interested in these things and is the reason I heard about the convention in the first place. We really had a blast. I managed to get through it with restraint and only got four new books (two of them I had signed, woohoo!), but also a free t-shirt, a few tote bags, TONS of book sample chapters, badges, a key chain, and a lots of free candy.

Here are my impressions in pictures.

The reading corner - a lovely place to sit and rest from ALL THE THINGS
From the reading corner
More book stalls!
The Gollancz and Atom stands
Book swap!
Meeting Cassandra Clare
LOTS of free sample chapters
Penguin Platform booth
Wearing sunglasses for Finding Audrey

Agent author talk with Molly Ker Hawn (Bent Agency)
and Kat Ellis (author of Blackfin Sky)
The Sir Terry and Me panel, talking about how the great Sir Terry Pratchett inspired each of them in different ways.
Derek Landy, Patrick Ness, Frances Hardinge, and Imogen Russell Williams
Lilies in the Terry Pratchett corner
After-party cupcakes!
The best goose anyone has ever drawn me


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